All of the default driver definitions assume that the JDBC driver classes are in the current class path or in your JRE extensions directory consult the documentation for your Java implementation for more information on this. See The Driver for more information. If this option is not checked then you will lose all uncommitted work when the session is closed. Select the driver for this alias from the Driver dropdown or click on the New button to create a new driver definition. You can specify the number of bytes to read or all. To return to the standard theme for the metal Look and Feel pass the -usedefaultmetaltheme option. Some people have reported core dumps with the Sun JDK1.

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Show Window Contents While Dragging – If checked this shows the contents of windows as they are being dragged. If unchecked only the outline of the window will be shown. The entries in the Java Class path tab show the directories and jars in sq current class path.

The new alias should now appear in the Connect To dropdown.

The installer has been created using the IzPack Java Installer. Uncheck for a speed improvement on slow machines. You need to be running at least version 1. If the file name is too long for the label then equirrel full name will be displayed in a tooltip. Commit on Closing Session – If “Auto Commit” is not squjrrel then this option controls whether or not a “Commit” is issued prior to closing a session.


If unchecked then you will be able to use the “Commit” and “Rollback” options on the “Session” menu. To use the plugin you will need to restart SQuirreL. Press the OK button to save the driver definition and close the window or the Close button to close the window without saving any changes.

This dialog can be displayed by selecting a driver definition in the Drivers List window and then selecting the Modify Driver option from the Drivers menu. The “New Session Properties” dialog allows you to specify settings for future session.

SQuirreL SQL Client Home Page

If this happens passing the -classic flag to the java executable appears to fix the problem. Some people have had problems with Java 1. If this is not the case you will need to modify the driver definition to point to the jar file or the classes directory that contains these classes.

You can create new driver definitions using the New Driver option on the Drivers menu. This tells Poatgres where to look for plugins etc. You can specify the number of characters to read or all. Either select an existing entry in the dropdown or key in the class name of the JDBC driver it can normally be found in the documentation that comes with the driver.

If this option is not checked then you will lose all uncommitted work when the session is closed. No Proxy For – A list of servers separated by that do not need to be accessed through your proxy server. For Windows the file squirrel-sql. For Unix the file is squirrel-sql. Clicking on various nodes within this object tree will show further information in the right hand detail panel.


On some operating systems currently Windows NT, and XP a shortcut will be created in the menu system. Some people have reported squirrell dumps with the Sun JDK1. Use Scrollable Tabbed Panes – When running version 1. Multiple statements can be executed and the results will be displayed in multiple tabs below the SQL entry area. The Object Tree on the left shows the structure of the database.

Select the driver for this alias from postggres Driver dropdown or click on the New button to create a new driver definition.

How to setup SQuirrel SQL Client for PostgreSQL/Greenplum?

No similar problems have been reported with any other JDK on Linux. Take the New Alias option from the Aliases menu and the squjrrel dialog will be displayed. Blob – If checked then blob columns will be displayed.

Clicking on the title of a column will sort the display by the data in that column. For instance if you don’t use Oracle then you don’t squirdel the Oracle specific functionality supplied by the Oracle plugin.