Message 7 of 7 9, Views. Drivers are not needed for windows XP and above. Message 10 of 11 10, Views. While playing your music, the vibrant display shows album art, the equalizer, or both, with just the flip of the scroll ring. Then it should start up normally and complete the firmware update. As far as the screen, I don’t do video, so I don’t have any real need for it except for menu access. The size of a cell phone, light as a feather and easy to carry.

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Load up the Sandiskk CD, and you have a 3rd-party program that converts all your favorite videos into a format readable by the Sansa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

SanDisk Sansa e260 Black ( 4 GB ) Digital Media Player

The EQ works rather well too, it doesn’t seem to consume any more power and it gives me my bass. Sansa MP3 Player is Great! Turning the ring to acess things is clumsy for me and sandiks invariably “works when I don’t want it to”. Hi Tapeworm I saw this reply you made to a question.

Don’t worry, be happy. Same story with the controls, except you get mechanical components rather than a touchpad. No USB cable nor earphones. Thanks for the info! You might have a different reader on every chapter and I find it very disconcerting.


I just to rockbox on it! Downloading audio books from your library is Very limited, unless you live in a huge city, where there is a good selection! Message 5 of 7 19, Views. Maybe this might help someone who knows nothing like me, is looking for one of these. I thought I was e2260 great when I finally got a flip phone. The charging cable with the ping connector should come with the player. For V2 Sansa players with firmware version V Skip to main content.

With a expensive set of Shures, Sure, but then anything will sound powerful with the Shures. Rather than saying “Sounds are rich”, I’ll just cut the crap and say the Bass is great, vocals are good and the treble is awesome.

e user manual download – SanDisk Forums

The player lacks Asian text support when displaying song names and artists, [2] but users can patch the sandiek to add support. It just sounds like you’re standing outside of a club without the vibrations.

Getting this player to connect to the computer was a chore but quite simple once it was connected, just dragging and dropping files to the players folder and using a memory card is even easier and the best option to just use e206 memory and save the space o n the sanza player for recordings and such if necessary I used the player for about 5 or 6 hours when first opening and until u get familiar with using the functions it will make you want to throw it at times.

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The player also works the moment you plug it into the computer. Its a bit confusing and frustrating for someone who just wants to plug and go like having an iPod. In hand the player is very smooth to handle but when trying to function with it is a bit frustrating especially if you have large fingers. Thank u in advance. Lastly, none of that extra thickness was really used for achieving any of the above.

One introduces a 0.

SanDisk Sansa e Black ( 4 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Note that this will erase all your content, so you’ll have to reload afterwards. SanDisk is Superb Easy to use.

Version 1 players had a menu option under the Settings menu for storage mode that could be toggled to show up as standard USB flash drive. Upgrading to later firmware versions, V This will convert images to e20 format.