Record every rep’s name and ID. I have been told that the problem is the result of a weak signal. I cannot change web pages without removing and reinserting the turbo stick; and as others, I believed only I had a lemon turbo stick. I got the same problem then the others for the past 3 weeks, i call Bell, they ask me to upgrade my driver on there site and go on the novatel wireless site to download the U firware upgrade ‘U module upgrade utility’ and it fix every thing, no decconection every 5 min. I’m far from convinced it will make any difference. This has been a totally disappointing experience with the Bell Novatel U stick. Read all the following reviews, the truth lies in their stories.

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I don’t even want to give this product one star but it’s the lowest I’m given. Make your Novatel Wireless U uniquely yours. Their billing, customer service, internet stick etc.

Arabian Night Novatel Wireless U Skin | iStyles

We have virtually no disconnects now and the service of the new stick overall has been far superior when compared to the old one. But my pc is not up to date and i will only get it to work with this software.

Do not bother with support online – they just follow a script. I actually bought a second one When the computer reads it, unplug it and then immediately plug the Bell Turbo stick back into the slop the flashdrive was in.

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When you try to connect, Mobile Connect will check if your Turbo Stick and account have been activated on the Wirelesx network.

This is my second one. The Bell turbo stick is so undependable and frustrating!!! With coverage for devices and a collection of designs, iStyles is the global one-stop brand that people turn to when they want to style and protect their gadgets, to differentiate themselves from the crowd and to be stylish. While I was on hold, I tried again and got connected, novate with erratic access to favorite sites.

Started out with the U stick which was fairly dependable.

Bell Turbo Stick Novatel Wireless U998

Do not go near the Turbo-stick by Bell!!! To novtael this was a frustrating experience would be a huge understatement. Bell lies to you to get you to sign and then just runs from their obligations. I try to explain that to the Customer service, they told me it’s not their fault I chatted online tonight and what do they do?

[ubuntu] Install Bell Turbo Stick – Novatel Wireless U on Ubuntu

I’ve had every problem and then some listed here with the Left a message to have a manager phone me back Bottom Line-don’t buy this product! After we wirfless for the stick and for the four months.

I got a replacement,it didn’t work at all,had to take the second one back to a Bell store to get a third unit. They have the nerve to confirm that we have to pay every time we have to start over. Before installing your Turbo Stick, please ensure you have the following: The speeds on the CDMA network are still pretty decent and customer service was able to change the device in.


System Requirements System Requirements To install and operate your Turbo Stick, ensure your computer has the following system resources: I actually bought a second one I’ve downloaded the latest firmware and connection software and I still get the constant disconnects which is clearly related to overheating.

Matte vs Gloss The Matte finish is a non-glossy, satin-type finish that give Skins an arty look and feel art pieces, professional photos, canvases are usually matte. U Nightmare continues Reviewed on Wednesday March 2, by davidtoronto.

May be slower but costs less. I have purchase on the 22 of july this stick, thinking it was the best new invention since slice bread I too have had to try deal with those people from tech support.

Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your Novatel Wireless U from scratches.