Check that there is no paper dust or paper scraps near the pressure roller and grid roller. Refer to BAC Verification 5. Adhesives and Tapes Model Name: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The actual writing to flash memory is done when diagnostics are com- pleted or power is switched off.

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Since the power supply remains hot after the Now when we start the machine we have “undefined paper” on the display.

You will find many PDF documents for downloading and jutoh from Web sites; you will need to download the Acrobat viewer as a plug-in. Principal functions of the Head Board are: Adjustment Platen Height Adjustment Inspection 1. All major printer manufacturers make printers that contain or can be loaded with Postscript software, which also runs on all major operating system platforms.

DX2 Print head Color For Mutoh RJ-800 RJ-4000 RJ-4100 RJ-6100 RJ-6000

Be careful that the ink needles on the Removal, Front Paper Guide Replacement 1. Be careful not to soil your hands and clothes with These messages mean that the waste fluid tank is filled with waste fluid. Matrix Map Model Name: Page Aging Model Name: By continuing to use this site, mutoy are agreeing to our use of cookies.


Removal, Right Side Cap Replacement 1. I have a customer with a small printing business who has one that displays nutoh “no cap position” error. A4; Number of colors: RJ— C 41100 N 5 0 3 0 Depending on the type of roll media, paper dust may build up in the cutter groove Step 3 and on the cutter blade causing poor cutting. Small Office; Number of pages per month: RJ— B A C 1 0 5 0 This procedure is used to verify the values of X-axis media feed and Y-axis car- riage from displays on the panel or the terminal.

Maximum media width mm. Which of the following applies to the error? In fitting the Y Rail, the height is fixed by pressing on frame trol precision guide pins left and right in each of two places and parallelism and specifica Contents 3 Model Name: Page 29 Primary Consultation Model Name: If you can provide info for me, I will follow up with my results including pics, data etc. Postscript describes the text and graphic elements on a page to a black-and-white or color printer or other output device, such as a slide recorder, imagesetter, or screen display.


Replacement Replace the Steel Belt Procedure 1. I think this is a ‘home’ error. Remove the Left and Right Covers.

RJ Bearing Grid Roller – DEX – Spare Parts

Intermediate code buffer overflow No extended memory Go to Step When this printer has insufficient This is done by mechanical adjustments head tilt and firmware parameter adjustments. Refer to Jr 3. When the Print Head Assembly is to be replaced, the Head must first be cleaned.

Steel belt are highly susceptible to breakage and end damage and must be handled care- fully. Panel Board Assembly Model Name: The original problem was the “no home position” message mutph was reset by going into service mode power on while holding top 3 keysgoing to adj: This appears when the capping posi- tion is initialized.