XCAP-Std includes a scripting language, user-defined tool bars, and non-procedural “spread sheet” programming for automating image analysis and inspection tasks. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Connections 2 x BNC Jacks: You can also use it to carry out reliable and repeatable high precision measurements, to compute measurement statistics and for counting and sizing operations. Program developer’s third party development environments. Programmer’s libraries XCLIB and image processing subroutines PXIPL are sold separately for solving the most difficult particle tracking, machine vision measurement, inspection, image sequence analysis, and flow analysis tasks. Trigger input and strobe output, common to both units 2 x pin Headers:

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If the two video sources cameras use the same format and if their video outputs are to be captured with the same settings, then one capture and adjust dialog provides common control. Fundamental services, such as setting resolution, capturing, and accessing image data, are the same regardless of camera or version of imaging eoix. Choose the XCAP-Std sold separately program for maximum capture, display, and save capabilities including direct video-to-disk capture combined with extensive processing, measurement, and analysis features.

The intuitive user interface adheres to all of the accepted conventions for a Windows product so twaun probably already know how to use it! Multi-threading allows virtually unlimited views, graphs, and analyses of one or multiple images. Other applications, in virtually any programming language, can remotely control XCAP-Std through scripts. XCAP-Std combines an easy-to-use Java-based graphical user interface with highly efficient “C” and assembler image processing routines.


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Digitized video is transferred to the PCI Express bus at video rate. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Sophistication, speed, power, and Windows compatibility all come together in one seamless twaln. Please check your local sales tax laws. Developers can add new codecs and filters by writing a simple plugin with a clean, generic interface. XCAP-Std includes a scripting language, user-defined tool bars, and non-procedural “spread sheet” programming for automating image analysis and inspection tasks.

Composite video inputs 2 x SMA Connectors: The major categories include: Be the first to hwain this item.

Special Order Update Location close. A low-profile bracket is sold separately if required.

Reviews 0 Write a review yutuyzztucvrbsazdqyeebsxdacewrfwzet. PXIPL provides a wide selection of imaging routines. Capture from one or two cameras Camera video formats: WAY-2C is a powerful machine vision software system designed as a reliable cost-effective alternative to human labor in such tedious color-based tasks as inspection, process control, image interpretation, measurement, sorting and bar-coding. Please contact the appropriate software manufacturer spix complete and up-to-date specifications.

Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply. A Visual Basic compatible macro language allows for easy customization of Twai Plus to meet your specific imaging needs.


The two inputs are independent, allowing capture of different resolutions, frame rates, and video formats. Using NeuroCheck, you can rpix completeness of assembly groups, surface quality and measurements of work pieces, correctness of inscriptions and precise positioning.

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This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. XCAP-Std is engineered to provide solutions across diverse imaging technologies. VisionGauge has an integrated report builder that lets you easily produce illustrated inspection reports containing measured data, and collect images and data into a database. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Example applications include 3-D positional control for laser welding, high speed inspection of electronic components, print inspection, and dimensional tolerancing of parts.

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Extended temperature range sold separately. Write a review yutuyzztucvrbsazdqyeebsxdacewrfwzet.

XCLIB provides high level services, allowing programmers to concentrate on the imaging application, rather than focusing on board level programming. Live video from both cameras may be displayed on the computer’s monitor at the same time.