Product Description This Dell Axim x50 is exactly like the x Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game, and Stunt Car Extreme is a racing game that, while not terribly imaginative, shows off the 3D capabilities in good form. However, the X50 has dropped the jog dial from the Axim design entirely. Do you know anything about it? Also under display capabilities, the X50v features support for a second, external display. Moving along, we reach the top of the unit.

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I actually found the landscape support on the X50s a lot more flawless than I did on my Wwlan The cradle has undergone an equally dramatic transformation.

I had a bit of a change-over shock when I first started using the X This sounds like a lot of different design elements, but in reality they all come together, and the differences disappear except for the eye-catching band of silver running around the xaim.

Also used to take notes like a digital assistant.

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If the PDA is not properly cabled to the computer, you will get the following message: The way that the X50 rests in my hand feels perfect, the styling and color give it flair, and the size and weight feel comfortable without going too far in any direction. As current applications get updated to take advantage of the new screens, this concern should go away. Inside is a simple Lithium-Ion battery snugged into its slot. Price is for 1 item. Tap the start button, then look for settings, tap that, then look for connections, tap that.


I turned the screen to the minimum level of brightness—which is actually still quite bright—and left the processor mostly idle, as it would be for simple tasks like reading, typing, and PIM. Configure wireless networking for your device in one of the following scenarios: After a few seconds you should see Connected next to the wireless network you selected. If wireless is not enabled or you are using a socket card for wireless connection, then choose the network card: WM Second Edition compensates for this in a variety of ways.

Installed Memory RAM see all.

There are some good used Windows phones here, but I think this is one of the better ones. Are you a Computer and Internet Expert? The low end X50 is essentially an iPaq with more style. The spare stylus holders and light-up blue Dell logo from the older cradles are no more. The size difference between an X50 and an ultracompact unit like the Axim X30 or iPaq is nearly negligible, but the X50 does have approximately an additional ounce and a half of weight on the smaller units.

I can’t go into detail now since this is complex and I don’t have much information to work from. If you are using wireless in your house, make sure its not protected with WPA encryption, change the wireless encryption to WEP if you are using encryption.


Unable to test due to lack of knowledge or inappropriate power source. Contact your network administrator for the following information: The USB Travel Sync Cable is a small size optimized cable that provides direct connection and synchronization from the Axim handheld directly to your desktop or notebook computer.

Add the network if it is not listed. The status displays as connected authenticated when this process is complete.

Dell Axim X50 X50v b Wi-Fi Wireless Adapter Cards NICs

Text is clear rather than fuzzy or jagged, web pages look more deell a desktop, photos look natural. The most cutting-edge of these is designated the X50v, for its VGA screen.

Preowned – This scanner was used by my partner for checking prices and it was working when he last used it. Item is in great condition, with some signs of use.

This is surrounded by delk U-shaped stripe of smooth light silver, hinting at a mettalic flake color, all around the front lip.

The X50, and most particularly the X50v, are small but relatively heavy. This Dell Axim x50 is exactly like the x