I have just started testing the new driver as well, and I can verify that all problems are solved! I am composing this post using the keyboard with my X50v, connecting to the internet through my SMT, and it isn’t doing it with the X50v. Posted December 31, I will test as time premits over the next few days i have exams this week so im kind of busy smeg you have a pm! Just not when the keyboard is fully in place. I like that the stand comes out from inside the keyboard, and that is can connect to the keyboard, or be removed from it.

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Posted January 11, The keys are small, but I have found them to work well enough.

As far as the physical keyboard goes, I am liking it a lot. It would be great to have some shortcuts to commonly-used phrases or long words, and, although accented letters are available, it means pressing three keys at once and you have to press the sequence again after you’ve done or the keyboard will stay in ‘gibberish-mode’.

The person I bought it from said it worked with their X50v. Thanks to Squall getting me in contact with them, they email me directly to help me get a replacement keyboard. I actually have the v1. I was being too hasty – my SPV C still freezes. I hope that Chainplus can cure this – I really don’t find the keyboard usable with the phone on a reliable basis. I always leave bluetooth on, so I am a little annoyed by this as well.


Wow, I am really chajnpus with Chainpus right now! Any ideas to what would cause this, and how to fix it? You can partially get round the problem by deleting BTShortCut exe, but then if you connect to the keyboard application and then close it, BT is again turned off.

I know it’s not the keyboard itself that’s the problem as I also use it with an iPAQand don’t get chainpu problems.

chqinpus Posted January 7, Sorry you’ve got the same problem, Smeg, but I’m relieved in a way as at least it means I don’t have a ‘rogue’ phone. I’ve removed the BTShortcut.

Smartphonemate BK bluetooth keyboard – Accessories – MoDaCo

Well, I got mine today. Using the keys to manipulate a program menu e.

Over the last few weeks I have been assisting freedominput. It is obviously a hardware problem because it does this exact same thing on both my X50v and SMT.

Chainpus Smartphonemate BK600 Bluetooth Keyboard Review by MTekk

The finished new version 1. I agree with Smeg, the rubber base on the stand part is a bit useless as the device always slides to its most laid-back position.

They contacted me again, and gave me their address to chaijpus it to them, and they are going to replace it for me! I don’t think any particular programmes were interfering with the driver, as I’ve reloaded everything.

The smiley face in the above posting should be an 8 – you need to hit the 8 key to exit Orneta Notes from the pop-up menu. Assuming the driver problem gets sorted, my wish-list for a future software version is for customisable short-cut keys to ASCII characters and macros – the shortcuts that can be entered at present are for program execution only.


Chainpus BK Free Driver Download (Official) () – BK_vzip

As I said, the only way I found to solve this was a http: I’m more concerned over the iffy performance of the keyboard with my Smartphone: Good News – the driver problem has now been solved by Chainpus. Posted January 2, Now I’ve had a chance to play with the keyboard a couple of days, there’s is still some work to do on the driver for the Smartphones, at least for the C.

Yes, I like to leave BT on all the time, too. I received mine yesterday, and despite not having time to use it much im very impressed. Scroll up or down arrow keys and choose something at random i. Btw, I had lots of problems connecting the keyboard to the iPAQ – the only way I found to get it to work was to http: I’m pretty sure that the lock-up is connected to the key-repeat problem: