If you try to install the drivers or run the diagnostic utility , it will normally tell you if the particular model doesn’t match the driver set. That’s the Intel PnP configuration manager. Implementation Throughout the years, Aztech developed a number of different chipsets that implement various portions of the Sound Blaster protocol. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I suggest staying away from the PnP models though, unless you are primarily using Windows.

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When the parts are so much cheaper audioo their original retail price, it’s a lot more difficult to decide on just one set of parts.

For all cards, you’ll want to grab the driver pack from Vogons Drivers. These are all first generation cards.

Users browsing this forum: There are considerations for other chipsets: Last edited by cyclone3d on If you are looking for a Sound Sztech Pro 2 compatible card without paying a similar price, the AZT based cards aren’t a bad buy. EXE while in the driver folder and see if you get FM music.

Aztech Labs drivers – Aztech Labs Sound Card Drivers

If something doesn’t work let me know. There are a few exceptions which will be aduio in the master list below. They all have the name P16IIB in the name, but there are 3 different sets. Aztech also manufactured and retailed some of their own cards under the Sound Galaxy name. If you know, let me know! Triangle shaped card Wavetable key: Ok I just used the m16abo two floppy disk files to install it and it worked well but this card had lots of noise on Gabriel Knight 1 and for some reason the autoexec.


It is not known if the sequence determines the chronological order that the cards were designed, but it’s a safe assumption for our purposes. Aztech made some decently compatible cards. Throughout the 90’s, they made a variety of modems, sound cards, and other internal multimedia devices.

I could never get the card zudio be detected by any of the Aztech drivers, so please let me know if there is a different process! What’s interesting about cards that come from Aztech is they tend to replicate features from the Sound Blaster extremely well.

AZTECH 2320 (PnP) Audio Device Free Driver Download

The final configuration I used was: This site hosts no abandonware. Windows 9x comes with the drivers and will auto detect the card.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Also added some more that are just azgech as being for If you have a really fast machine and are experiencing some issues with stuttering audio, try grabbing one of these cards.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

VOGONS • View topic – Help to Identify Aztech ISA Sound Card

None of them support Sound Blaster I have looked all over the card for any info about who made aztceh or an FCC ID but it seems there are none but on the bottom of the card is “SRS 3-D stereo” I bet this only works in windows but would be good if it does in dos. All second, third and fourth generation cards support the Sound Blaster Pro 2.

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I cant see any logo or name on the PCB but in the pictures aatech you can see all the chips and layout of the card. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. That’s the Intel PnP configuration manager.

Aztech 2320 (PnP) Audio Device

I suggest staying away from the PnP models though, unless you are primarily using Windows. The AZT chipset uses PnP for configuration, and thus requires a little extra work to get operational, but can also be configured entirely via software. Once I find out a way to get the cards working in my machine, I will update this post.