In PvP, the expanded bullets can cover a large area, despite their slow speed, and can prove very effective at defending a point and deterring players from approaching. I also like being as friendly as I can be to others, as long as I believe they were nice to me, or I know a friend of theirs was nice to me. About last week I managed to get all 3 damage swords grand flourish, avenger, faust and I dare say I can handle just about everything in tier 2 now. Things about me, Spiral Knights version: The first three bullet reactions can, in the main, be dealt with by having a reasonably fast gun. The user takes one step back before unleashing.

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The first three bullet reactions can, in the main, be dealt with by having a reasonably fast gun. Now, I used to be a Brandish user, along with using Chaos and Vog for my brandishes. Magnus bullets deal splash damage over a small area when they hit.

Freeze resistance is good, but then it gets Med Shock weakness as well as a Low Curse weakness that nobody actually cares about Get more out of your Kongregate experience.

Steam Community :: Guide :: A Gunslinger’s Guide

They make decent choices as all-round shields – whilst not optimal, they’ll perform reasonably well in most situations, and can take some fairly heavy punishment. Its damaging area is also small, it’s split normal-elemental, and it has three swings, but each swing is slower, can inflict Fire, and the charge is pretty much identical to that of a Calibur except for the ability to self-inflict Fire on the charge.


Callahan and Blitz needle, though they share the same damage type, are totally different guns for totally different situations. Drivers, Autoguns, Antigua charges and Catalyzer charges all work well on closely-clustered enemies.

Poison and Curse weaknessbut this has since been changed and it enjoys quite a bit of use in the Clockworks. However, I wouldn’t bother trying to charge, since invincibility frames generally play hub with pezcemaker damage from explosions.


This can partly be countered by making good use of the invincibility frames triggered once you take damage on your shield, by allowing your shield to be pinged by a hit, and then releasing it and backing out of the way.

Have a reckless peafemaker of concern for your own health?

Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we vss help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! Four blades adjoin a much larger blade and shoot out. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security. Charge attack has a good chance of causing Strong Curse, while receiving “Shadowshock” peacema,er, a special version of Shock not blockable by shield in terms of extra damage.

Though it lacks the sheer power of the blitz needle, it’s useful in more situations, and I’d totally recommend it to a full-time gunner. Submit a new text post.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. This basically means your weapon will go back into its default position faster, allowing you to shoot with a shorter pause between bullets, and also reload faster. Want to chat with a large group of knights in real time?

Gran Faust is split shadow, and its charge should really be avoided, given its extreme slowness and propensity to curse you at awkward times.


Last edited by Batabii – Jellybeans for hours ; Jan 17, Please note that if something says ‘boss reward’, this means that peacmeaker the base item is not craftable and b the recipes are only available from Basil, as opposed to through HoH.

Also far too many noobs get valiance for the sole reason that its the first one the game gives you. Ironclaw Munitions Factory in particular is somewhat alchemer-unfriendly for this reason. So you want to be a gunner. I’m currently torn between using: This trick is fairly difficult to do optimally and consistantly so my personal skill plays a large part in this data.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Freeze resist in exchange for Max! So now I do first grader dummy math, and it ends up alchemers deal somewhere around damage in one minute.

You can crit on beasts, fiends, undead, and constructs, and normal to jellies with a DA and normal to gremlins with the FF. As we’ve previously mentioned, Chaos and Black Kat Cowl are both really excellent choices for a novq player, since they give universal bonuses; however, it’s equally possible to go for a somewhat more defensive option and take one piece of gunslinger armour mixed with another piece of sword-user or bomber armour instead.