Trouble during Copying The document edges are Cause The document is larger than the printable area. To deselect all the documents, select this button again. Authentication failed because of the incorrect user name or incorrect password. When user authentication information is not available, “Unknown User” The items displayed include the date and time, error code, and error category. Make sure on the screen that the paper type you selected has been set for the tray, and then select [Close].

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Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the image quality of printed documents is poor, identify the similar symptom in the following table to prescribe the remedy.

Page 91 Output Format No stamp apeeosport added. If you spill a large volume of toner, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. Component Function Contrast dial Adjusts the contrast of the touch screen.

Page – Deleting outside or inside of the select For G3 communications, “G3 ID” is printed. Action Glossy printing paper easily sticks to the document glass, and shadows are 55010 copied and reproduced as dirt.

If you select [Off], printing starts immediately after the machine is ready. Covers Attaching Covers to Copies This feature allows you to attach covers to copies.


Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 Photocopier

Enter [Hours] and [Minutes]. For more information, refer to “[Sheet Filtering] Screen” P. For this reason, image loss at the edge of the original may occur depending on the size of the document image.

Entering Specific Symbols When specifying a recipient, you can use the following features to enter specific symbols from the touch screen. If this report is set to be printed automatically, it is printed each time when a broadcast transmission is complete. Enables the Polling feature.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort – II

Page Number Adds page numbers to copies. Check the network cable connection. Page – Specifying a Destination using a One Tou A passcode is required when Secure Print or Private Charge Aeposport documents are to be stored or printed.

Page 11 Job Status Select any item.

The date and time are printed. The user, therefore, does not need to walk up to the machine to pick up the fax documents. System Settings 10 System Settings Each feature of the machine is set to the factory default initial settings, but you can customize these settings.

Adjust the copy density or image quality, or specify for [Background Suppression]. Simply use the ‘Add To Cart’ button above to buy now. Re-enter Recipients Set whether to re-enter the recipient after once specifying the recipient, in order to apeospor the risk of sending fax or iFax to the wrong address. Set the document expiration date and the time of deletion. This section describes the basic procedures for system settings.


This feature allows you to set a passcode, which is helpful to print confidential documents.

New Recipient Specify a new address. Use only staple cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox. Copy 3 Copy This chapter describes the aeosport copy procedures and the copy features provided by the machine.

Transfer Protocol Set the forwarding destination protocol. Keyboard 5 Scan E-mail Address Searches with an e-mail address as a keyword.

Image quality best suited to the paper type can be obtained by setting the desired image processing to particular paper types. E-mail Subject Set the e-mail subject using the following procedure.