This simplifies zoning and improves performance. Before you migrate to an AIX 7. To avoid this problem, run the following command before you create the WPAR: However, you must install the krb5. Vendor disk support The CAA infrastructure now provides limited support for some disks that are managed by vender disk drivers. The central master node hosts the data collection repository, which is a new file system that contains all the collection data from multiple remote nodes. If the adapter instance is busy a program or kernel extension has called open on the adapter , you might not be able to unconfigure the adapter.

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AIX Version Release Notes

This emulator requires IS0 encoded fonts to display results. Troubleshooting problems with installation from mksysb backup Check that you have sufficient free blocks in the file systems to write temporary files.

Configuration of the parent devices and management of the paths to the actual devices are not allowed in the WPAR. To ensure that the backup works on the system it came from, the boot image is created to contain the kernel that was running when the backup was created.

For information about AIX capacity limitations for logical storage, see the Limitations for logical storage management Web page.

AIX Version 7.1 Release Notes

To uninstall the file sets that remain after you run the diruninstall command if they are not required for other applicationsdo the following: Run the cfgmgr command to make the optical devices available. When a storage device is deallocated from an active WPAR, the chwpar command attempts to unconfigure the device.


Supports sending the data gathering tool to remote nodes. The default value is express. The geninstall and gencopy commands recognize the non-installp installation formats and either call the appropriate installers or copy the images, respectively.

The dscrctl -s subcommand sets the operating system default prefetch depth. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

For more information, see Upgrade to DB2 Version 9. To create and modify file systems, use the following commands: The default settings on a DS with firmware By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. The other two paths are used if the preferred controller is not accessible by the host. The CAA infrastructure now provides limited support for some disks that are managed by vender disk drivers.

The solid and solidhac daemons are no longer used by CAA. To determine if your system will be affected by this problem, perform the following steps before you migrate or install a running AIX 4. The logical partitions must be fdac and within the first 4 GB of the disk.

Non-rootvg volume groups, logical volumes, and file systems can be created and managed on imported storage devices within the WPAR.


Workload partitions WPARs are not supported on thin servers diskless and dataless systems that are not capable of booting and running without the assistance of servers on a network.

Select a device that is available and marked as bootable. Multi-system topas collect and report performance information from multiple separate systems. The final mkcd command in the previous example makes an image that can be transferred to another system AIX or other than AIX for burning.

In this event, the License Agreements can be viewed in all languages at the following Web site: If you upgraded the xlC. A general rule for a minimum current memory requirement rrdac AIX Version 7. Check that each file system has at least blocks free when the mksysb backup image is made. The encrypted data can be based up in encrypted format, reducing the risk of data being compromised if backup media is lost or stolen.

Performance tools enhancements for workload partitions. Use the mkwpar or chwpar command to allocate a device to a WPAR. For example, vi editor. Each LUN is assigned to one controller, which is considered the owner, or the active primary controller, of a particular LUN.